Frequently asked questions

The deposit, whether by bank check (certified), transfer, is mandatory for all car rental. In fact, it must be given to us when locating the vehicle and returned as soon as it is returned. Bank guarantee is not kept, but the degradation of the rented property.
We offer the rental of all our vehicles to our customers aged at least 23 years old. Only our cars called city cars are offered for rent to our customers aged 18 years minimum and / or probationary license.
The cancellation of a reservation is possible within the limit of one calendar week before the given reservation date. It pays because, if you have paid a deposit, it will not be returned. To cancel you just have to contact us by phone or by coming to our agency.

During a rental with driver, the rented car is delivered to the place of care that you have indicated when booking.

For a car rental only and without a driver, the vehicle must be picked up at the agency. Delivery is not included, if requested additional charges will apply.

All cars of Haimour International are already insured, no additional insurance is therefore required of our customers.

In the majority of the cases, yes but it is necessary to warn us 24h before the reservation date.

You may change the time, place of pick-up and / or destination (only for chauffeur-driven car rentals or extra for car rentals only), the duration of the rental and, if possible , the rented vehicle.

For any modification, contact us by phone or go directly to our agency.