Frequently Asked Questions

About our Private Driver Service

  • What is the difference between a Private Driver Service and your Luxury Chauffeur Service?

  • Can I book a private driver for an entire day?

  • How do I pay for the Private Driver service?

  • Are your drivers insured?

  • Can your drivers handle luggage?

  • Are your driver services available 24/7?

  • What types of vehicles are available in the Luxury Chauffeur Service?

  • How do I book a Luxury Car Service?

  • Are Haimour International Luxury Chauffeurs trained to provide personalized service?

  • Can I request additional services such as refreshments or individual assistance?

  • Are your luxury chauffeur rates fixed or based on time and distance?

  • Can I book a luxury chauffeur for special events such as weddings or corporate meetings?

  • Do the Luxury Drivers dress professionally?

  • Are your luxury drivers available for international trips?

  • Does your Driver service accept pets?

About our car rental service

  • Do we absolutely have to pay a deposit?

  • How old do you have to be to rent a car?

  • Is there any charge for canceling a reservation?

  • Is the car to be picked up at an agency or is it delivered to me when i rent it?

  • Do I need insurance for a rental?

  • Can I change a car rental reservation?