Car rental with driver

Haimour International offers a luxury range of cars with driver for your trips or events.

We are here to make chauffeur-driven car rentals a unique experience. Our limousine chauffeur service follows you in three different regions: Ile de France, Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur.

Our drivers drive you in the greatest comfort and refinement from our values ​​and you discover the wonders of our heritage. Mastering several foreign languages, they will accompany you in your discovery of the tourist regions: castles of the Loire, Champagne, Normandy.

Your travels are facilitated and our drivers, like Haimour International, listen to you. They will follow you where you want to go and simplify your activity as well for shopping in Paris, or to go to the airport or restaurant.

Our drivers pass several stages of selection before your transport, for the sake of safety and with the aim of having your confidence. The discretion, the listening, the confidentiality are part of the qualities required to be a driver at Haimour International. In addition to the necessary driver's license, our drivers must have the professional card of transport of person in conformity with the regulation in force.

Beyond the dream, we offer you prestigious vehicles that few have the opportunity to know. Enjoy these fantastic automotive masterpieces both in the aspect of elegance and in the equipment that is integrated.

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